Mixing sequences from one movie

Hi there,

I´m producing a film which is made by randomisation, for the presentation I´m looking for a way to randomize the movie again, is there a way in vvvv to do this? I mean selecting/showing some parts of a movie by inserting a list of numbers??

greets Daniel

there is a seek and a doseek pin. all yopu have to do is to create an array ( IO value advanced with the number of Coll row you want) with the desired seeking point and make a Random vqlue node > map teh value to the range you need > Get slice

this coupled with Change node that will send DoSeek when a change is done.

Ok, mhm I just understand too much of what you have written thanks allthough very much, is there a project similar to mine from which I could learn??? thanks

oups, sorry. here is a sample ( good exercice for me as i m quite a newbie) . I think iuts possible to do it in a more elegant way ( kalle , west ?).

randomising_video_position.v4p (16.7 kB)

didn´t try it yet but thanks a lot you are great!!

You’re going to need to bang the “DoSeek” pin on the filestream every time you want it to seek though.

And A Random (value) set to scale 10 will give 11 result, from 0 to 10 ;) Just look at the default, scale 1 and Integer will give 0 OR 1, thus 2 choices…

eh eh … what west suggest is to set the randome position on a range of value wich is the Time range of your video.
this will enables you not to use any array for decided positions to randomize.

what I do not arrive to solve in my head is HOW to set a real randomized time for LFO, and how to make this randomizing on a timing that is never the same : gaussian spread ?

What I meaned was, you set the Random node to 10 slices, but it should be set to 9 slices. 10 will work too, but in the long run 0 is getting selected more than the rest (because slice 10 = slice 0 when you have 10 slices).

The attached RandomTimer Patch should do what you almost did ;)

RND Timer.v4p (7.1 kB)

hi west ! thanks for this patch ! that is what i wasn’t arriving to figure out !

sometimes finding the good way to do something may be painfull !
( one finding itself in front of his limits ?)

thxs ;-) ( an happy karistouf twice the same day ! )

randomizing video is fun… :)

thanks for making that example patch karistouf, and thank you West for making that RND Timer - it really looks good! I wanted something similar once, and now I found it.

to explain what I experienced with the patch:

I added the Change node to automatically “do seek” when the seek value changed and 10 times shorter periods - made a very interesting effect… :)

This way one can very easily make music (&video at the same time) in that glitch style.

Later, I made a patch to round time periods to some tempo. For example x * 1/4, x * 1/2, x * 3/4, x * 1/1, where 1/(x * 1/4) is beats per minute that we want to achieve. The only problem is that you don’t get any “regular” repetition, simply randomness, mathematically beautiful randomness…

Even later, I quantized the seek times: Multiplied the “BasePeriod” by 1, 2, 4, 8…

Look in the patch to see the effect.

Does anyone have an idea (or wants to take a shot at it) how to keep some of the randomness and have some regular repetition? For example, on every second beat there should be the same seek time…

randomizingvideo.zip (4.2 kB)

Hy there, this is real great stuff, anybody got an idea if there is a possibility to take parameters (like numbers, a frequenc) from a list to achive a kind of similar effect??

I tried it out, filed in the filename and put play to 1, put the renderer kept black and black. Anybody an idea what my prob is??

@guest: XPath Node works fine if you want to get arguments from xml files

Can anyone explain how i get this patch working???

just select in filestream node the avi file you wantto use with the patch. be aware that it should be quite long if you want to test completely the patch. output of random values is giving thousands of seconds as a do seek position.
if this patch doesn t work for u, does a new simple patch with filestream -> videotexture -> quad -> renderer dx9 works ?

I give up, it doesn´t work. Anybody interested in earning some money by creating such a patch for my movie, it will be played at the diagonale in Graz. Best would be if you are from Graz, but I also could host you. But thanx to all creating this real cool patch.

nyx, did you made a test with your movie on a virgin patch with Filestream>videoTexture>quad>RendererEx9 ?
if it doesn t works it means that you dont have the good codecs…

if it works but the patch in this thread doesnt work for yoi, just let us know…

IS there a possibility to make this random search slower, and the sequences longer??