Mixing patches 2


i want to do visuals with vvvv and i already got some satisfying patches, but i don’t know how to mix it together. i found this thingy in the forum, but the solution i’m looking for should include
the possibility to run a few patches together at the same time with seperate camera view.

is there any possibility tho blend them together or something?!

if you want two patches together in the same renderer with different cameras, you can draw them always in the same renderer, but connect the camera transformation directly to your objects, instead of the renderer.

note that some lighting models will not like that, as they need separate matrices for View and Projection.

the ex9texture-technique works in any case. basically convert the output of your renderers into a texture and onto a quad, and change the color/alpha of these. doing this with a shader obviously gives more flexibility, but quad will allow you basically everything a video mixer can do.

thanks! that helped out fine