Missing plugins

Hi people ;)

I´ve problems with the plugins nodes, they appear in the folder but when i try to open any patch with these plugins, they are missing in the root window.

If i put any plugin in the root window directly it doesn´t appear in the window.

I´ve uninstalled vvvv but nothing, am i missing something?

I´ve installed the beta 20 and this addon pack, but nothing.

I´ve cleaned the register and activex with tuneup utility for optimize my computer ,
Is this action related with my problem?

How can i resolve it?

Any answer will be fine.

Sorry for my poor english.

More information,
The freeframe ones run perfectly.

Thanks a lot.

sounds like you are missing .net 2.0, right?

Hey Joreg, thanks a lot for the answer.

I´ve removed the .net (all versions) and reinstalled it, but nothing :(

do you know other way to fix it?


something with the installation could be wrong, are you sure, that you start the beta20 vvvv.exe, and that you have the plugin .dlls from the beta20 addonpack extracted flat into the plugins directory?
it is important, that the version of the _PluginInterfaces.dll and the vvvv.exe match together.

Hi tonfilm!

All is in the correct directory,

Yesterday before i´ve used the tuneup aplication for clean the registry and active X, all was ok.

Maybe are related?

thanks a lot.

Hey guys,
finally i´ve decided to install beta 20 in an other folder, and viola!! it runs well.

don´t ask me why.


good idea, have fun!