Missing Nodes

I am new to vvvv, that’s why I started with the tutorials. The problem is when I create a new patch I cant find nodes like Renderer or Renderer(offscreen). When I open an example patch like repelling circles I can find the nodes. What I am doing wrong.

Type in „skia“ in the nodebrowser, you’ll see “VL.Skia” showing up … click on it. This will make your patch reference VL.Skia which has the nodes you’re looking for.

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It seems you’ve downloaded the “preview” instead of the “stable” version.

there are 2 rendering engines for vvvv:

  • Skia (2d)
  • Stride (3d)

while the stable only comes with Skia still, the preview already comes with both but only Stride is referenced (ie set as a dependency) by default. that’s why in previews, by default, you don’t see the Skia nodes.

the reason why not both libs are referenced by default is that you’d get a huge number of nodes that you might not need. by setting dependencies on demand, you can decide yourself which libs you want to see and which you don’t need.

here is a more general article on dependencies to give you an idea on how you can reference/dereference them.

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Works perfectly when I click VL.Skia, thank you so much. Joreg you are right I have downloaded the “preview” version.

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