Missing Linux version

it’s missing a Linux version, downloadable as .deb (Ubuntu) package

There is no Linux Version.

where is it not?

it’s missing a username

WTF? :)… no text …

i really would like a linux version, because the real platform its VVVV, no the operating system, i really hate pure data, because its too slow, ugly and old, i love VVVV but cant depend on windows… VVVV should be open like Blender or arduino or at least multiplatform.

+1 for that. unfortunately i don’t see it happen soon, since for multiplatform afaik you’d have to convert all directx stuff to opengl, don’t know how much work that is? open source would be great, don’t know if it would happen, though…
i’d definitely welcome a linux version, because vvvv is one of the things on my (by now quite short) list of shackling me to windows… :-)

If only there were a linux version of vvvv…
I really think there’s no that much work, the main task will be to provide a graphical node editor and some basic nodes.
Then giving the ability to add easily new nodes (via dynamical libraries) and the community will do the rest…
Somebody to carry this project ???

+1 here, I really hope this can happen a day… linux is light and powerful, can be use in many different machine. Open source also can be a great solution to improve vvvv faster.

whats about reactos ? http://www.reactos.org/

mmh, sounds interesting. But still in a early stage.

well you need a FAT32 partitioned disk. just take an old laptop and a QTParted ;-) dont think at old its an early stage

i think vvvv without directx would be crippled
i use it as a framework for directx

You can do the same with openGL, every effect here can be done with it because nobody does kind of effect or visual like Diablo3 or FarCry…

Just take a look at TouchDesigner from Derivative, it run on openGL and it’s really powerful (but expensive and not open source as well).

For me, vvvv is powerful not because of DirectX but because of its community and stuff sharing by people (patches, modules, svvvvitcher, etc…). And a lot of great things in vvvv like freeframe, or structure synth plugin comes from open source.