Mirrored Values

Hi to everybody.

I don´t know if it´s a stupid cuestion or not, but i´m trying to make 2 mirrored tresholds of a list of values enclosing it on the top and below (maximun and minimun tresholds).

I only can do it with the minimun treshold values with the Abs node, (when the incoming data is minor of 0 -the minor treshold- the abs node make it bigger than the minimun treshold) but i can´t do it with the maximun treshold (when the incoming data is bigger than this maximun treshold, i want to make it minor than that).

Is there any easy form to do it?

with the Min and Max nodes i only make a limit of the incoming data.

Thanks a lot.

(In Spanish is easier for me to explain it, sorry)

there is some way to do it, first try with a “map(value)” module. or, in some cases, you can use the approach of subtracting the max to the value, for example, “value” and “1-value” (if the value goes from 0 to 1. but i think with the map you can do all you want.
of course you need to put the min and the max inverted for source or for destination values

Thanks screamer, i´ve finally used the node sin, i can adjust the transformed data with map range.


Next time attach some half working example patch, showing us what you are after, than it is always easier to help you out.

A patch is worth a thousand words…

You are right, the next time ;)