Mirror textures bug?!

hi there,

last night i tried out the hlsl pixelshading stuff by creating a very simple texture setting effect(lightness,contrast,black and white/invert colors,etc.). i used a 2x2 grid on the mesh input pin and applied an other renderer via dx9 texture to the texture input pin. it worked out fine so far, but when i tried to scale the texture in order to mirror it, the renderer just showed the output of the original renderer in scaled size but instead of showing the mirrored textures next to it, it just drew a few boring lines.

if i use dx9texture in combination with asvideo and video texture it works, but really stresses may hardware.

here’s the code i used for the shader sampler:

texture Tex <string uiname=“Texture”;>;
sampler Samp = sampler_state //sampler for doing the texture-lookup
Texture = (Tex); //apply a texture to the sampler
MipFilter = LINEAR; //sampler states
MinFilter = LINEAR;
MagFilter = LINEAR;
AddressU = mirror;
AddressV = mirror;

what did i do wrong? ;(


helo felix.

this might be a restriction of your graphiccard or even directx. not all types of textures work with all types of address modes.

dx9textures and videotextures are something different directx-interenally even though they both are textures.

therefore you could try on different hardware. maybe it is only the textures size. try and make sure the dx9textures width and height are both a power of 2 (eg. 256x256, 512x256…)


your solution works perfectly fine for me!

thanx for the fast and effective reply!