Mirror screens from devices

is it possible to mirror(display) screens(live desktop) from various input devices (smartphones, tablets, ipad, bla…) within a renderer in vvvv?
are there any nodes existing already? guess HID and Tablet nodes send control data only?!..

Ehm, why not just put Rotate node with Y value set to 0.5 to the Transformation pin of your texture? :)

the only thing I can come to think about is to use devices with hdmi output and a frame grabber.
I am using teamviewer at this point to do some of the above (only pc to android) but the quality is only good for debugging, not to transfer real textures.




thanks io!
will check em out.

“…devices with hdmi output and a frame grabber…” -> thats what i was thinking about.

just looked for existing nodes and found the ScreenShot node. Something like this as a new node with proper refresh rate would be great to get all kind of external smart devices as texture in.