"mirror" insallation


my goal is to make an installation where the viewer is standing in front of a “mirror” (which is actually just the same thing as a big webcam where you can watch yourself)

the camera is filming the viewer, then its running through the software and then it should be projected live

the thing is that the “mirror image” shouldnt just be a mirror image it should be abstract. and here is how i want to get it abstract: the programm should always overlay the last 4 frames of the silouette of the person in front with 25% color. then there is this area that contains a part of every frame. this area would have 100% color. if the person stands still the last 4 silouettes are similar so the mirror image would be the exact silouette. but the more you move in front of the mirror the bigger the difference between the last 4 silouettes get. so the mirror image gets more abstract the more you move

here is an image that shows my idea:

but i`m new to VVVV so i dont really have a clue how to get it done. i found the background subtraction patch which could be helpfull to get the silouettes but i dont know how to handle the overlay and darkest area thing.

i just made an easy patch which shows how to achieve the 4 versions of the silhouette. not the real problem, like i just recognized while reading your post again. i’ll upload it nevertheless, maybe it helps.

the best method to get a clean silhouette (black on white) is a bright illuminated background and a dark person in front of it. than the camera settings, a levels and perhaps a blur shader should do the rest.

i would also think about queueing f.e. the last 12 frames, and use frame 0 (current), 4, 8, 12 for the visual output, because the difference is much clearer then.

mirror.v4p (10.2 kB)