Mirror Heads, virtual projector

Hi all

Anyone else have worked with mirror heads, eg. like this one: http://www.dynamicprojection.com/mirror-head-en/

My intuition fails me when trying to model the behavior of the reflected projection, I am trying to model the reflected projector instead of a projector and the mirror. that might be the wrong way to think about it.

any pointers?

Not entirely sure what you mean by " I am trying to model the reflected projector instead of a projector and the mirror".

The way I see it the mirror acts like a virtual projector behind it. The angle between the actual projector and virtual projector is 2x the angle of the mirror in both X and Y. The image will be upside down and the center of rotation for the virtual projector is the center of the mirror.

Here is my crude drawing. Does this help in any way?

I didnt even know those mirrors exists, but they look awesome! Imagine combining it with something like this: https://lightform.com.

I was thinking the same thing, but the projector rotates around the optical axis as well when you set it up like this and that was a bit too complicated for me right now.

So flipping (mirroring it on x (and\or y if you hang the projector bottom up)) the image isn’t enough? What do you mean by “projector rotates around the optical axis”?

I think I know what @sunep means and he is right. Its not the same, because the image gets distorted by the mirror and only at 45 degree angle would be the same as a “virtual projector” behind the mirror. Hmm, seems rather hard to wrap your head around it.

Would be so much easier to understand to “just” mount a projector on a gimbal.

ps: a moving-head projector would be totally rad. Something like this, but with a projector inside:

Hmm… cant be too hard…

I’m sorry, but if it’s that, wouldn’t be enough to look at the scene to be projected from the opposite angle in vvvv (and to project that), so to compensate deformation?

@seltzdesign exists/existed: https://www.barco.com/de/Produkte-und-Lösungen/Digital-Luminaire-mit-12000-Feld-Lumen-und-DLP-Videoprojektor.aspx/

Nice! Bit old now though and can’t have been cheap at the time. There is a used one going on ebay for 1500 dollars :D

I was thinking more of a DIY approach would be fun. The moving head is really simple to control from vvvv and with smaller projectors now it might fit into an old moving head with a bit of dismantling.

there is also this one:

nice @bildwerk, didn’t know that one, definitely cheaper than barco, hehe
@seltzdesign i can’t come up now with where i’ve seen this, but there has been diy versions around a few years ago…if i find it i’ll post it here

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