Mirror folder tool

i cannot get kalle’s mirroring tool to work, i presume i dont get the path format for destination.
i want to clone c:/myproject to destination c:/myproject on several ips.
what is the right syntax ? “c:/myproject” does not work …

i assume that in the following post joreg will recommend you to use the RemoterSA instead…

anyway to be precise:
it’s not my tool at all;
my module(s) only call an external program via ShellExecute (Windows) . luckily the developer of that tool allowed me to distribute/share that .exe here.

i never experienced any problems with the mirror.exe; so i assume it is either

  • a path issue.
  • a “permissions” issue.

so please let me know:

are you able to write a file to that network location “by hand” using windows explorer?

if yes:
which version of the module are you using?

  • Mirror (File Folder)
  • Mirror (File Folder Network)