Mini PC configuration?

Hi, i would like to have your feeback and configurations about mini PC ( mini ATX or other NUCs) running VVVV with an average (not too costly) GFX card (outpout in HDMI).

Does anyone has some teaps about it ?

Nuc’s are great, solid machines if your graphics requirements are low.
Not quite as compact, but with solid gpu is the zotac en1070 and en1060 you can guess the gpu from the name of the machine, they are also good.
These are the compact machines I have good experience with.

thank you sunep great to have a serious feeback around this topic :) . And between this 2 samples, in range of money anything in middle-ware ?

Probably, but I am not really aware of it. I think zotac has some offerings with lesser gpus but still discrete graphics that must be cheaper than aen1060

I recently heard about the brix barebones by gigabyte, but never had a chance to test them :)
Looks like NUC on steroids (and some interesting 19" rackable formats …)

@sebescudie actually I think the Brix Pro look much more interesting. 4 Display ports and a sleeker case. Looks much more solid compared to the gaming version. There are Mini Display Port to HDMI cables or adapters, which work just fine.

edit: just saw, you mention the 19" options. But yeah, thanks for bringing those up, was looking for something like that recently…

ok thanks a lot !

Not sure if it would fit your needs but this I ve got a UdooX86 and it is a pretty nice machine, there is an option to install even a GTX1050.

thanks io !

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