Min Value ignor Nil

Hello All,

I am comparing multiple value inputs with the Minimum node. This works great except sometime one of my inputs is NILL because the value is not always available. This can not be avoided.

I would like to know, is there a way to evaluate my values with Minimum so that it ignors the NILL value.

Right now, if the NILL is present, NILL is the output from the Minimum node. I need the NILL to be ignored so that I get the lesser values other than NILL.

Thank you all for your help in advance! This forum has saved me the last few days and I really appreciate it!!!
Kind regards

Is there a way to not input the NIL value?

If I could test for NIL, then I could switch the value to a 1.

I am having trouble testing for NIL without receiving another NIL.

Just a thought…

did you see AvoidNIL (Spreads) already?

Hi joreg,

I tried to access this page, but it says it is not found…

I am not sure if there is another address or an example patch.
I think I have seen this before, but my brain is not able to recall with such little sleep…

Thank you for the advice and the quick response. I really appreciate it!!!

Now I see that it is just a link to the node info page. I will play with the node and make it work.

Thank you so much.