MIMO Displays

I’m playing with a mimo 710 USB display which is a great little display add on but it does not support any Direct X rendering which is a damn shame!
Ive looked and it appears not to be possible but was wondering if there is a “hack” to display the output of an EX9 rendered in a GDI window for preview purposes?

Also the 750 model with touch screen looks tasty but unfortunately doesn’t seem as if it will work either from the documentation. Thoughts anyone?

…if there is a “hack” to display the output of an EX9 rendered in a GDI window for preview purposes?

i once did this one just for fun. but i doubt that it results in a usable performance…

Texture (GDI).zip (5.0 kB)

Funny enough i did a similar patch to try that (although not as elegant!). Yeah it dramatically reduces the performance in relation to the image quality sadly!

I was thinking about buying one of those nifty little displays. Virtually 5 seconds before clicking the final “buy” I noticed that they wouldn’t be able to display DX9 content, thus they are pretty useless for vvvv patching. Very sad, I’d love to have them with DX…

Stop Press!!!

I have a mimo 740 touchscreen sitting here working with a DX9 renderer! After installing the drivers it is using my onboard graphics adaper for the processing as opposed to the MIMO 710 which lists as a “Generic USB monitor” and doesnt display the contents of a dx9 renderer.

IMAG0511.jpg (211.3 kB)

Ai Digipic,

are you convinced that this does work with the mimo740 and does not work with the mimo 710?
Because actually i just got a 740 although i had ordered a 710…

Hi Max, yeah this is working fine on my ASUS G1s running a GeForce 8600 and gets listed as a Generic PnP Monitor on NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT. There is one issue is that a renderer willnot go fullscreen although quite happily runs borderless. Id be interested to know how this works on other machines.

Good work in getting a 740 after ordering a 710 :-)

i have to say that VVVV would only work in GDI mode when running it on a Radeon-based, Vista Home machine here. That’s using 4.5.13960.0 of the mimo drivers.

DirectX crashed with blank screens (even ctrl+alt+del wouldn’t work) even in windowed mode. or the renderer would just silently fail to draw anything. On other occasions RendererTTY would drop an endless loop of “illegal instruction” errors.

But also the general stability didn’t seem very good, with some redraw problems under windows itself.

Can you share your driver and windows version with us?

add: and it also fails the same way under XP using drivers 4.6.16208 … say, are you using the “mirror” mode instead of “extend”??

All makes sense as Displaylink says on their site:

Title: USB Display Adapter and DirectX support
Windows 2000/XP

The USB Display Adapter supports a subset of DirectDraw commands.

There is currently no support for Direct3D or hardware acceleration on Windows XP
Windows Vista

The USB Display Adapter uses the GPU of the primary graphics card under Vista. The primary graphics card GPU does the 3D DirectX work, and the composited desktop is then given to the DisplayLink driver.

Im using extended, i haven’t tried any graphical intense stuff yet but works fine doing GUI stuff.

When i get back to my other machine I’ll look up all the driver details for you.

Sorry for the delay, heres what i got in my system properties which is a bit surprising as i didn’t realize the display was using a windows driver although does suse the bundled driver for the touch screen! Im running Vista Home premium, with an Nvidia 8600m GT 256MB card.

Generic PnP Monitor
Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Date: 21/06/2006
Driver Version: 6.0.6000.16615

Its stored in the system32 folder under DRIVERS/monitor.sys

Hope this helps!