Midicontroller out crash!

as I put a midi controller out node to send midi data to trougth midi yoke and tried to launch the client (in my case ableton Live 6.0.9)my system jamed and shut down …kinda sacry.anyway if anyone know something or experienced same trouble let me know!

ok I have figured a way to work it out the midi data get transfered correctly but when I run ableton live and a rendererEX9 both fullscreen (I have tow monitors for this purpose)I get a microsoft c++ runtime library error message from live.exe and everything crash…quite sad…anyway I dont think I have the knowledge to fix this bug.if someone knows something please dont hesitate

Perhaps you´re sending to many MIDI data to fast?

Try creating a MainLoop node in vvvv and set it to some lower value. Also use a Change node to send the only send data it actually changes. Are you using large spreads of values?

have you tried starting live before going fullscreen with a vvvv ex9renderer? it seems also to me that live cannot be started while vvvv is in ex9fullscreen. but it works the other way round.