MidiController - no signal

I can’t get a signal to the MidiController vvvv-device. I’ve tried sending different channels and cc’s through MidiYoke from Renoise, tried different routings with MidiTrix inbetween (where midi activity shows). And Bidule recieves the signal fine when I try it, but I can’t get any reaction in vvvv, not in my patch or the help patch.

Any ideas?

The patch is coming along nicely otherwise, but the whole project kinda rests on getting that cc signal into vvvv… stressed for time makes me freak a bit, sorry. Need some sleep now.

You shouldn’t really need anything in between the hardware & vvvv. Just make sure you have the right port, channel & controller selected on the node.

Yeah, that was software to software which should work. But like you say, hardware input is what I’ll try next.

Should work in that case as well, I just assumed you were using a controller.

Can you post a patch that show how you use the midi nodes

Found the problem!

Channel input on the MidiController node does not correspond correctly, a zero is channel 1 and so on. Just subtract 1 from the channel you’re using.

Is it a bug or some technical reason why it starts with 0?

ah that is a vvvv convention, see: protocols#midi

Ah I see, yes I thought that might be the case. But I missed that part… Thanks! That’s a good link to add to the help patch ;) …or just a little note about it. Sure got me confused at least :S