Midi Video Performance Problem

hello everyone,

I am sort of a newbie to vvvv (I used it 4 years ago, but always with the help of joreg for a university project)
I have to finish this patch today. I am Using a YamahaQ2r96 to control videos (the idea behind was the Yamaha works as aremote control for nuendo etc. then when someone uses the faders to control an audio track the visuals are changing contemporarily, ) The number of animations are quite a few. (I am now up to 1200 images) .
but now there has to be a video file that needs to be played back if you press a button on the yQ96 and I got stuck there.
I am happy with the group node everything works fine so far with the animations, but now there has to an intro that will be played back before two animations (which after the intro should be controlled by the fader again)
But the video File I tried everything but it is not smooth at all and on top of that with the images (1200 at 1024*1024) the performance went down the first animations are fine. But then I gets jerky… I am currently converting everything to dds files I hope that helps… I attached the patch below maybe someone has an idea to boost the performance and/or how to add in the intro
thanks in advance


gregor2.v4p (43.1 kB)

hi johannes, i m also very newbie, so i hope this patch will help you for switching image to video.

I didn t understand all of your post but if i well understood i would do this:

-choose a specific key on or fader you want to play the video
-have a boolean index ( 0 or 1) to know if the video file has been played or not
-when midi velocitity is > and < launch a bang to Play 0-1, IF the boolean index is == 0
-when the time of duration is done (you have this information in the filestream output pin), switch to seq of images and set boolean index to 1.
-this peculiar sequence of image can be lauched only on the condition of video file to have been readed
-when finsihed the sequence of images, set boolean index to 0

if I m in this answer out of the idea, sorry and forget it !

toggle_img_to_video.v4p (13.0 kB)

Hi Chris,

that would have worked to thanx. If found another workaround. I had forgotten the monoflop which triggers for a certain amount of time.

But thank you very much for the patch.

Cheers Johannes

I had to reduce the imagesize to 512 512 to get it run smoothly.
(with 768 images in the end on IBM t60 with shared memory)

Does anyone know how to calculate the size of an image in the grphicscard ram ? I think it would be helpful If you could then calculate the exact amount of images you can preload…
any idea how that works ??

TWIN_GREGOR.v4p (46.5 kB)

for performance reasons it might be better not listening to ALL possible controllers on ALL possible midichannels when you only need 7 of them.

also you should think about Subpatches.
you even can integrate the midinode into your subpatch.

increase fun with clean patches ;)

jo.zip (6.1 kB)

if you want just filter midi messages, and do not want it inside of your V4 patch, you can also use midi-ox.

for performance reasons it might be better not listening to ALL possible controllers on ALL possible midichannels when you only need 7 of them

kalle, you mean vvvv reactions with midi are changing with the quantity and types of incoming messages ?


just right now i don’t have any midihardware here to verify this.

but in general for performance reasons it is recommended to keep spreadcounts as small as possible.

well, 7 slices make a slight difference to 2048 slices.

also i think having noticed that all nodes “listening” to any hardware devices (e.g. [Keyboard (System Global ](https://vvvv.org/documentation/Keyboard-(System-Global) !! ) have their performance needs. having lots of those nodes in subpatches/modules may decrease performance.
but that’s only “felt”, maybe i am wrong.
i cannot remember any official statements of the devvvvs regarding this issue.

devvvvs: can you confirm/negotiate this?

hi kalle, nice to read you !

it make sense for me if you are talking about 7 to 2048 spreads concerning things in memory ( ex. images, videos, renderers).
but not realy if you are talking about strict calculations . A computer do thousands of thousands of calculations in a second.

also i think having noticed all nodes “listening” to any hardware devices (e.g. [Keyboard (System Global ](https://vvvv.org/documentation/Keyboard-(System-Global) !! ) have their performance needs

this would be great to know devvvvs advice about it…
are they any rules ? i mean its the question of the main loop and its refreshment rate ( to avoid the processor running all the time ) ?

if johannes listen to the same midi port and is listening 7 or 50 conditions cases ( if type), this should not do anything.

feeling is usually the best way to know a programm, I feel your advices being damned right !

devvvvs, your opinion is requested on this subject !

for example “feel” this patch.


Mouse (System Window Clipboard).v4p (43.1 kB)

The question How to calculate the size of an image in the graphics card ram? has been added to the FAQ

hi kalle, hi oschatz, i m working intensly on a project thoses days. its incredible how vvvv is easy to use transform and work around while searching… this is all easyness and happyness…

to come back to kalle feeling, and to midi topic:

-is it normal to have a latency of half a second with midicontroller (devices) device node ( i m listening for ctrl change signals)?

i think this is rather strange… and should not have such latency

-mouse patch: i do not notice any latency with mouse ;-) but patch is state of clearness

cheers, chris