Midi things

2 things, midi seems to have a delay, I’ve tried adjusting buffer size but it doesnt seem to make that much difference, this is something that I have noticed for a while but never reported.
Also i@ve notice when running debugger, when there is a midi node with no controller attached to the system the debug info says 800+ clicks even when the node is disabled with its enable pin


i admit the midi enabling/disabling code still has some bugs. i think this needs to be reworked. regarding the delay: do you use a midi-usb interface or a cable attached to your sound card? i somehow expect the latter to be faster.

do you experience any difference in delay depending on the setting of the Boost node

  • -1 (vvvv lower than usual -> more time for windows) or
  • +1 (vvvv higher than usual -> less time for windows)?

I’ve had boost on before and havent noticed any improvement, but didnt know about -1, I’ll give that a shot. Its a Usb uc16, I take it you dont have any delay problems you’ve noticed yourselves? Might just be my cheap controller!
The ticks seem to be fairly random re-unplugged controller, sometimes hundreds sometimes 20 or 30.