MiDi & Sequencing tools

What’s happening in your workshop?
In this session we are going to get familiar with MiDi controllers, MiDi messages and the building blocks of a sequencer.

What will people learn?
To connect your MiDi controller in order to control your parameters in vvvv, to generate MiDi messages to control and play sounds with any external MiDi hardware device or software capable of understanding this kind of messages.

Who is it for?
Users that want to get deeper into MiDi and Sequencers (not stricktly musical).

What knowledge do you presume your participants have?
Intermediate vvvv level is ok, and a bit of knoledge about MiDi is always welcome but not mandatory.

A session is 3h. How many sessions does your workshop need?
1 or 2 sessions, not defined yet, it would deppend on the quantity and level of the participants.

What’s the teaching level?
I’m working in the field of generative and interactive design since 2010.

The level of the workshop will be intermediate with some advanced related topics (Reactive nodes, Channel Datatype…).

How do you qualify for the topic?
I use MiDi as a form of creation since 1989, and i’m being designing my own Algorithmic / Generative music sequencers since the gold vvvv beta age.