Midi Sequencer

Does anybody did some research on MIDI sequencing area?

Do you think vvvv timing is stable enough to build a MIDI sequencer?


stable enough for sure (except the timeliner).
but it won’t give you proper timing.

there are lots versatile sequncers available; IMHO this would mean reinventing the wheel…

Thanks Kalle,
That’s exactly what I saw when working with MIDI, timing isn’t accurate enough :(

Any tip to get the best from MIDI timing?

I already set MainLoop to higher values.

About what you said about reinvent the wheel, I see your point, but trust me, there is a lot isn’t yet invented, specially on MIDI + eye-candy areas, and vvvv work flow just flood my mind on new ideas.

What about OSC? will timing be more stable using OSC instead of MIDI?

May be I should use vvvv for the graphics and Reaktor for audio.


hi Gustavo,

would be nice if you didn’t repeat your original mail everytime you answer. that makes it somehow more easy to read.

perhaps try mainloop in increment mode.
i can’t give you founded information about vvvv’s timing issues, there are people aorund here who know more.

I’ll be nice :)

I did try MainLoop on Increment mode and it did improve timing, thanks.

I’ll try to get more info regarding OSC timing