MIDI? - problems in 25

bom shancar!
experiencing problems with all the midi controllers,
every time have to go to control panel to delete and re-install them.
have LPD-8, nanoKontrol and launchpad, and all of them are pretend
dead after some uknown amount of time pass…

think it happen after open of an 23 version patches…
also everywhere where i have (enum) i/o connected to more then one
MidiController this i/o shows complete nonsense!

now on w7/64


quite annoys new behavior of I/O Box 3D Vector,
that whatever you do you will have spread count 3.
that happens whatever it set to ColsRowsPages.
really unhandy…

I’ve had the same problem with enum: for example when using SoundAnalysis I’ve had to delete and recreate the node sometimes to be able to chose the correct driver.

same here!

oulalalalala… tested also on 25… same troubles when more than 2 Midi Devices

same here (midi and sound enums). XP SP3

seven… no text …

must admit must be all enums, was playing with text (ex9) if you do Ord2Enum to select fonts, you can’t connect them to I/O Enum to see witch font selected… If you do that enum will show (nil)… As a matter of fact 2-d enum in chain always shows (nil). imagine that on a 4-th level! must glitch just, everything =]

yesterday was fighting half an hour with I/O (string) witch have to select the text file, whatever i select path in reader it’s ok, but in i/o it’s e:\25\ all the time, and my file path is e:\TXT\filename.txt. solved with connecting another i/o box (string) after that one…

enum io nil.v4p (3.7 kB)

definitively there is something going out and back from STRING box and types …