Midi problem


I am using midi controller (device) node to get midi from a software.

My problem is that It works for some commands (I get a nice linear value between 0 and 1) but not for some others (output pin stuck to 1).

I use midi-ox soft to monitor the midi signal, here is a screenshot of a log of a command that works in vvvv and one that doesnt work.

I think that it is because the values are different (it is actually the only difference I think). But because I dont exactly know how the midi controller (device) node works I cant solve that.

Can someone try to explain exactly why ? And how to solve it ?
What is the difference between the different midi input nodes ?

Thank you very much once more.

logs.rar (137.9 kB)

hi artcontr,

i have to admit that the screenshots are not that helpful. could you tell us what kind of communication you are trying to set up - which software is talking to vvvv, what should be sent etc?

i can’t say that i’m sure about those logs, but it appears that the one labeled ‘not working’ sends a midi control change with a value of 7F, which is 127 and the maximum value for a midi cc command. in which case everything is working just fine and the output pin ‘stuck’ at 1 is properly displaying the value that it receives.

Thank you diki.

I actually found that the software I used (GlovePIE) sent a value between 0 and 1000.

That was why once mapped in midi 0 - 127 I had most of the time a value of 127.

(okay I know I could have figured it out on my own before, but…)

Problem solved.

Thank you for your support ;-)