Midi override/changed slice detection

It’s should be very easy, but I stuck with a bit complex and not code effective solution’s.

I have a 4 color spread controlled with 4 knobs via midi. I have preset spread for 4 color. What I’m trying to do is to replace a slice in output spread individually. So if I touch a corresponding knob I replace corresponding color (slice)in the output spread. In other word the issue is the most effective way to detect the index of a changing slice in the midi in spread.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

I wanted to Patch you something, but I missed this:

the thing you look for is LTP (Last Takes Precedence), but we only have a LTP plugin for values.

If you only switch between 2 spreads, the attached patch could work, if you need more, I need to get back on that ;)

LTP Color.v4p (12.3 kB)

Thanks Westbam,

Worked like a charm for me. Need to study more about Vector. BTW, thanks for a huge work that you’ve done with your video course. Like many vvvv beginners, really appreciate that.

That vector was just to get the RGBA values in 1 spread, could have also used a Cons/Stalone, but that requires some fiddling with Herr Inspector. A vector 4D will always give me a 1234 1234 1234 slice sequence. A vector 2D goes 12 12 12 and a 3D does 123 123 123 (hope it makes sense)

Check this:

westtricks#using colors as values

Ok, Thanks Westbam,

That’s a good trick. Used to use (Color) Split node for that. Vector 4D really timesaving and useful in that case.