Midi over lan

does somebody know a free tool for transmitting (en-/decoding) MIDI over LAN?

hi kalle i,m sure you know that one , not free though , i tried some years ago and remember it worked well .

buy now.
i don’t need it that urgent.

perhaps this is a nice challenge for karistouf when he is bored.

hi kalle,
sorry the challenge was in last april…
maybe this could interrest you:
clients and servers
I have developped them for a project.
You do not need to make any installation. Just to configure first msdrivers.exe.
Use especially the broadcast ones , works good and quick…

actually its sending one signal only. and not a buffer of differents signals.
wich means if two simultaneous messages happens at the same time, one will desappear.
this should be easely changed if you want, or have the need of it but i have to work a little bit on it ( if there is a need ;-) ) .