Midi "NoteState" does not output velocity

hi all,

I tried the helppatch “how to react on midi notes” with my drum pads, but the “noteState” node does not output “velocity” or “pressed”. The “NodesState” (spread) works.


from a quick test i see this generally working as expected. i wonder if what you see is a glitch stemming from the specific device you’re using there? as if this is sending note-on and off in too quick succession that both arrive in the same frame? (as you also don’t get the “Pressed” output light up).

could also try to increase fps using the MainLoop node to see if that would make a difference.

I checked with another controller using pads, and higher mainloop fps. seems like just the “notesState” node provides the velocity of the hit.

btw is it possible to receive the “poly pressure” values?
fader and kobs come as “Controller”, the pads come as “Notes” and the values between hit on and off come as “Polypressure”

I just ran into the same thing with a triggerpad-controller (AKAI LPD8 Wireless, used via USB) during a course. We had 4 controllers of this type and used them on different computers - same result.
For the NoteState node, only the On Data Output fires, Pressed and Velocity stay at zero but other Midi Messages work as expected (e.g. I can use the Pads in CC mode and here everything is acting normal).

just checked with a recent preview (5.3-199).
in this, the package has been updated to 1.0.11 and the error seems to have been fixed.

if anyone stumbles over this in 5.2 stable - update the VL.IO.MIDI package for a fix.