Midi note on number to FileStream Play pin?

hi all,
great soft…
but i’ve a question:
how to dispatch midi noteon/noteoff number to
the FileStream Play node?

using the MidiNoteOn (played) module
for ex how to “say”:
if noteon number = 36
then send value 1 to the Play pin of FileStream 1

and then if noteoff(noteOn velocity=0) number = 36
then send value 0 to the Play pin of FileStream 1

i see that sometime the output value are invalid (special symbol)when using polyphonic midi…is there a way
to filter that value until a new correct value is received?

and do u think it’s possible to make a patch
with the full 128 or at least 64 (cpu load???)…
midi notes mapped to FileStreams…
to make an VJ style video player :)
please give me your opinion about that…


ok i found…
use the getSlice module…with the midiNote out

vvvv is never going to make a clip mixer/player like vdmx or modul8 or openTZT or resolume because of (WHATEVER) it does though make a unique mixer/source which is far more interesting, especially with a gigabit network doodad and some other software.
I like to use vvvv one one machine as a mixer/source, on one as a 3D source, and with one machine running opentzt.
BUT it aint’ gonna trigger low to no latency AV clips. better to use tzt/VJAMM/resolume for clips, pipe that video into vvvv and boom shalanka.

thanks for your reply yiffable…
yep vvvv is defenitly more than a VJ app :)

in fact i was trying to pipe video from vvvv to arkaos
with freeframe FugStream on the same machine…
but it works once …after no more video signal…
also try using FugStream from Arkaos to vvvv but
one freeframe instance per clip is needed…

but i don’t know any other way to pipe Video from a soft to another?

…i also agree that 2 computers is better than 1 :)
but i’ve to learn more about that…
how to manage/organize vvvv patches
to be easly trigged/recalled
via midi…(programChange)/OSC/mid via artnet? “Here i’m lost :)”
from the other software/computeur

“vvvv is never going to make a clip mixer/player like vdmx or modul8 or openTZT or resolume because of (WHATEVER)”

i disagree. apart from the practical aspect of having lots of different applications that already do this, i don’t see why vvvv should be unable to. triggering av clips without latency might be challenging, but is definitely possible with vvvv. still, it is probably a lot more comfortable to just use any of the applications that specialize in just that.

“triggering av clips without latency might be challenging, but is definitely possible”
héhé i like challenges !!! :)
what kind of setup can be used to trig clips in vvvv?
TO easly recall clips dynamicly via midi…(programChange),
to manage memory / cpu / and hard Drive bandwith…

or do you think it’s better to load all the needed clips
in 1 unique patch???


i think it is always best to create one large clip and only seek within that clip.

of course this is not so flexible as you would need to concatenate all your clips for this to work.

maybe beta>14 can help here:
filestream will be able to read avisynth scripts. i’ve only been investigating those briefly but i think they are quite powerful.

for example avisynth allows you to concatenate .avis on the fly. instead of rendering a larg .avi of many clips you can just write a script that will tell filestream to play those files without a gap. now you’d still need a list of start/end times of the subclips to trigger them individually. should be worth a try. not sure about performance issues.

it’ a good idea…
it’s sounds like an EDL list or something like that…

if it’s possible to select multiple start/stop frame ranges
in a long .avi (subclips) and if the Filestream start/end/duration match the new data’s in the avisynth script :

each new clip will always start at 0.000 sec with its relative duration.

it could be very usefull…

laod/run avisynth scripts via midi or Osc could be supported?

i ll try avisynth to see the Video compression/codec
and CPU usage