MIDI Messages with MidiShortOutput

I have problems sending Midi-Messages out of VVVV to applications like Ableton Live or Traktor for example, using one PC. I’d like to receive messages like faders or knobs send them. I’m using a WiiMote and combined the WiiMote-Node with tonfilms Midi Controller Out to get messages.
The problem is, that I have only basic Midi Knowledge. So I don’t know how to get the message I need. MidiOx shows me an output (I’m using Midiyoke as OutputPort from MidiShortOutput), but I could need some hepl to get a message I could work with.
Thanks for your help!

hum… can you post a synoptic of your installation… something like this, to understand wich is your problem, and what you want to do ?

be aware if you use midi ox working behind you need to patch entries and outputting inside midi yoke.

Here’s a simple graphic of what I want to do.
I’m going to upload my patch in a few minutes, too.
I do get MIDI messages out of it. Problem is, that I need mesages to control Audio Software like I can do with hardware MIDI controllers, using buttons, analog faders and potis. More precisely I dont’t know how to change the output MIDI message in the patch (which values?) and which Midi message I need.

simple_WIWTD.jpg (39.3 kB)

ok, here’s the patch I try with. Thanks for your help with it (newbie)!

Just found kalle’s MIDImodules. Am I right, that “Controller (MIDI Tool GeneralMIDI).v4p” could help me?

WiiMoteMidiOutv2.v4p (24.6 kB)

I would think that ControlChange (MIDI Send) is more useful for you.

thank you for the hint and this great module! works perfect.

and have a look also here, this will be VERY usefull for sending Ctrl Change … and of course, solution is from uncle Kalle ;-)

ah,sh… .
you remind me that i have to post my BCF module set.

do not worry !!! what would be great would be:

  • a disparition of MidiCChange Sender node ( because it is not working)
  • a general midi receiver node ( tty ) to make tests
  • creation of an help patch with all notes possible encoded