Midi mapping KORG nanoKONTROL studio

hi guys,
I’m new to vvvv, i have korg nanokontrol studio controller and i’m looking for a way to connect it to vvvv and map his sliders easily.
any thoughts?

Hey, there are plenty of resources how to get MIDI data into vvvv Beta. For example this link: https://betadocs.vvvv.org/topics/io/protocols/midi.html

Otherwise you can just open help patches for the relevant nodes by pressing F1 and look into what they do. For me personally MIDI worked more reliable when using the VL.Audio pack.

There are also a few contributions that deal specifically with the nanocontrol, I will just leave some links here, you gotta try them out. Also search the forum for this device.

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tnx man @chk

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