Midi help

being a complete but impressed newbie to vvvv, i just didn’t manage to get midi stuff to work. didn’t find any documentation or help files too. so my question is simply: how do i route midi notein or controller values to vvvv-nodes.
of course i tried the “midi-note” node but that didn’t seem to output anything. midi devices are ok, as i have tested them with PD.
what would be the general approach to receive and/or send midi values in vvvv ?

any help appreciated


you have to connect a “spread” to the NOTE input pin to tell the node, which notes it shall “listen” on.
see attached patch.

i think/hope this will help?

sending midi is a bit more complicated though


midihelp.v4p (5.0 kB)

some times ago i patched a module with ampops help, it’s like the pd notein tonfilm-MidiNotePlayed

actually some similar info about midicontrollers is in the faq. see HowTo MIDI. embrace&extend :) hmm. but we somehow seem to have left the midi help files out. ill log this as a bug

thanks for all your help, still no midi coming in at all.
i guess there’s something more basic going wrong here. i’ll see if i can track it down.

thanxalot anyway

midi ox is a great tool for troubleshooting midi input

in attachment i have a patch that gets midi output from a Boss GT-3 guitar fx pedal board. it doesnt recognize notes though, only program changes. you can tinker with the upper pins.

GT3.v4p (8.4 kB)

I don’t know if this fella found this stuff helpfull, but I certainly did. Just thought i’d let you know you’re doing a fine job.

;) thankyou


I don’t know if dobyhal found this stuff helpfull in the end, but I certainly did. Just thought i’d let you know you’re doing a good job. ; )


I’m another newbie unable to get the midi output, I can see an output through midi-ox but can’t get anything inside v4.

I have the jl cooper CS-32 controller

I’m lost haha

Please, please help this lost soul into the way of the MIDI… XD

hi complexnumber,

have you allready noticed that the input channel of vvvv is input channel of midiox -1!!! means if midiox shows input on channel 1 you have to use channel 0 in vvvv. i also searched a long time for that :-)



hi chriss,

yea, i noticed that the channels are 0 through 15 but still can’t get any difference on the output, my controllers has like 32 faders and I’m not even sure which one I should be monitoring, is there a way like to see if there is any input from anything in a given controller?

thanks a lot.

I’m happy!!! finally I got it to output something, I was using someone’s midihelp.v4p example and he used a midiNote, after tried almost anything I could think of changed for midiController and it worked just fine :D all 6 Knobs and 32 faders and even my wheel work Yay!! I’m happy as a cow!!

Thanks for everyone’s time and help.

I’ll be back with more patching questions soon