Midi delayed. No realtime?

Hello there,
I’m new to vvvv. My goal is to make a complex Midipatch with storing values, changing channels…
I know it’s not made for midipatches, but it looks like as there would be everything I need.
So my first test was to pass Midi through vvvv, but the output is always a little bit to late. It’s a very easy patch. Midictl to Map to Midishortout.Is there a way to make it realtime or does it depend on vvvv?
I would like to do it with vvvv, because it seems to be such a powerfull application and I’ interested in visuals too.
I tried PureData, but there’s the same delay. And I read that it doesn’t work properly on Windows.
I hope you can help me. I tried the debug mode. In the nodes are some numbers. Is it the time in seconds.
I hope you can understand me.

hi, looping something thru a computer will always have delay. the question is how much… vvvv is designed to do graphics rendering, therefore it runs with a certain framerate and things only happen once per frame, unlike pd which processes data or messages instantly. by default the max. framerate is 120 fps. to process midi as fast as possible, you can try to set the framerate to a very high vale like 500 or 1000 so vvvv will process midi every 2 or 1 milliseconds, node is MainLoop (VVVV) . also set the buffer size of the MidiController node to 0 to get the latest value per frame. BUT if you open a ex9 render window, vvvv will sync to the graphics card framerate which is 60 with TFT screens. to avoid this syncing you have to set the presentation interval of the renderer node with the inspektor to immediately.

Thats much better. Midi is not the fastest protocol in the world. So, it’ a few years old. Even if I connect directly to my Music Application there’s some delay. I think vvvv handles Midi fast enough for me. Again thank you very much for the fast reply.