MIDI Controller recommendation

Hey VVVVser,

im searching for a good quality MIDI Controller. I need Vertical and at least one horizontal Fader… Some rotary knobs and buttons are nice to have :)

Any recommendations ?

Thanks a lot,

All I can think of for this is an Akai APC40.

Or there is this Behringer CMD MM-1 DJ MIDI controller, around 90 euro’s, never used it, looks nice.

A controller with faders located horizontal AND vertical makes the device very large and thus expensive.

im using xone k2 really nice

im using xone k2 really nice

perhaps the Faderfox UC3 is an option for you: http://www.faderfox.de/uc3.html

I personally use that Behringer CMD MM-1 and really like it. You can buy a few other modules and even attach them to each other, the MM-1 being the center part with a built in USB hub. Very handy and the built quality is pretty good for 90 Euros.

I also have the APC40 and its very nice, but rather big and heavy. If you dont need the grid of buttons I would recommend the Behringer.

Also would mention the Novation Zero SL MKII which has a lot of useful functionality, but might once again be a bit overkill for what you are trying to do.

thanks a lot guys…
i’ll buy the behringer ;)

Or go for an arduino mega & osc library and u get 1024 steps per fader via osc ;)