Midi Controll Surface

Im going to buy a controll surface soo and was wondering if anyone knows of any, non keyboard type controll surfaces which will allow me to send bangs? Or is the onlyway to use a midi keyboard?



Hi Digipic,

There are several control surfaces, such as Akai MPD series or Korg’s… No key, no fader or knob, just soft pads.

Does it fit?

I always wanted to give a try at this

Ah, yes i know the ones you mean I could do with knobs and faders too. I’m looking for something like the UC33 with buttons. Not asking much am I ;-)

@ anachroik
Yeah i had a look at these a while back, love the wood finish :-)
I did have a play of one of these in a shop a few month back too:
quite intuative!

hi digipic, i dont know (after looking at your link with anachronik) if you still are looking for about midi devices.

normally with midi classicalsurfaces, buttons can be configured in different ways, to send different kind of messages.
but they do not take velocity ( this is only for pads)

you can use the famous and very fine BEHRINGER BCF2000, wich has motorized sliders, on 4 presets pages.
there is 8 knob endless, and 16 button + 4, per page. all buttons can be assigned as key on, key off, cchange or prg change and of course their midi channel and pitch is also assignable
the only thing is that they do not take velocity like a keyboard, you set “on push” and “on release values”, and reaction of push buttons ( latch, toggle, or push).
main avantage of such a midi surface is that you can toggles orders either from your surface or from vvvv. you can send from software the order to put the slider in the position you want, either same thing for rotary button.
i have already a keyboard at home and finally I have buy a BCF ( very very very usefull)

if you look forward for a sensitive pushing surface, based on velocity, this korg is very oriented vjeing, and enables you a lot of manipulations. but no motorized sliders. main advantage is to marry push and velocity of a keyboard, pads, and sliders


@anachronik: i m sure a sequencer like tenori can be easely done with trautner functions … ;-P

Hi Karistouf, thanks for the info, I didn’t realize the BCF had buttons too, I dot have any need for velocity functions at the moment just straight forward on/off and value control.

hi digipic, bcf is a good versatile choice. can be found on ebay around 120 euros to 150… if i was you, for the quality i would not hesitate with an uc33. depends of money…

motorized faders changed my life on how handling midi and preset with lights. this is the main goal for “live usage”, with audience.

if your program can do a send midi, anything you do in a patch can be send back to the surface.
means you will never have "jumps " because you touch a value inside vvvv, and the physical slider affected to it was not at the right position when you put your hand on it after…

This looks interesting, Buttons/Faders/Knobs although not motorized. Pricey although iv used a Novation synth before and the quality was superb!
Any thoughts?

If you feel like tinkering with electronics, have plenty of time and not so much money, you may want to have a look at the ucapps range of controllers and start building on that fits your needs. Me thinks there’s some of the more challenging parts available as kits.

I use a Novation Remote Zero SL for VJing. I highly recommend it. You can program multiple configurations and switch it on the fly. It has a very handy and helpful Digital readout as well.

Just got my very own remote SL Zero today :-), very nice, once i got the hang of assinging parameters. Any tips qwicks?