MIDI control and patching wisdom

Ok so with the time my patches are growing in size and complexity. Usually I like to do a lot of node-storming, make a mess and then try to go patiently ctrl-l and give it a more appropriate layout.
I usually work with a 14,1 inches screen with 1440x900 resolution so I reserve about 1200 pixels on the width for the patch and the rest for some renderer and the Inspektor.
When this area is overcrowded then I start creating logical sub-patches.
Afaik the best performing patching technique is having a single patch with all the nodes and not using sub-patches but I also understand that this is CPU wise, that said I seldom encounter problems with CPU limit (core2 2Ghz) while I often get to the maximum of my GPU capability (nVidia quadro nvs140m over clocked at 1,2 Ghz).
In my latest attempt at patching perfection I tried to use an extra patch on the top layer where I just do all the MIDI connection and try to gather together all the different controls. That means often to bring IObox over three layers of sub-patches and I wonder if this does any good to the general performance.
This is basically my question: is it better to apply MIDI directly as “close” as possible to the target with a simple midicontrol node, or is it ok to “carry” the connection through different layers so one can comfortably do all the connection on a single top layer patch?
Apart from that is there any patching trick you feel like sharing ?

tip #1:

use the Mousewheel PLUS
*ALT for scrolling horizontal
*CTRL for scrolling hispeed
*CTRL+ALT for scrolling hispeed horizontal

makes navigation in large patches easier.

tip #2:

i use only 1 MidiCtrl-node (usually in the root patch) and use S (Value) with a proper named Send String to broadcast spreads of fader groups. e.g. a spread of 8 faders on one Send String. another spread of 16 buttons on another Send String.

whereever i want to attach a controller i just put a little R (Value) and a GetSlice (Spreads). this way you can quickly reassign parameters to other controllers.

MidiCtrl-node definitely needs performance; therefore it is anyway better not to use unnecessary.

i will send an example patch ASAP, right now i don’t have my modules around :(