Midi connectivity


I’m new to connecting midi devices in VVVV, so what follows may well have an obvious fix… But: I’m using an M-Audio Trigger Finger to talk to VVVV, but I’m not getting any signals from the device. VVVV does know what the device IS, because the Midi Input pin sees the correct device. But, I can’t get VVVV to see a result from moving and sliders etc.

I’ve tested it in Midi-OX, the device is all being seen fine. But, none of the Midi patches I can download, get any result form the device.

Does anyone know what might be going wrong here? I’m running VVVV 4 beta 16 (oh, and yes, the enable pin is enabled).


Note that Midi in vvvv is mapped from 0-15 , so Channel 1 is 0 in vvvv

Perhaps it would help you !

hi ! look at tonfilm patches about midi. this will fix your troubles;-)

as anthony from digitalslaves already stated
MIDIchannel 1 in vvvv is 0.
MIDIchannel 16 in vvvv is 15.

funny thing:
when i visited digitalslaves last year they had a triggerfinger there and first thing i did:
i made a module for this nice device.
but it was made with beta17, don’t know if beta16 can load them.

IMHO there is no reason to avoid beta20.
the most stable and reliable beta at least since beta16/17.

TriggerFinger (MIDI Devices M-Audio).zip (7.4 kB)

it was a lie:

the module wasn’t the first thing i did: it was the second step.

at first i patched two MIDI “sniffers” to get fast access to the used controllers and notes to avoid to dig into any user manuals…

MIDIsniffer.zip (8.4 kB)

cheers folks, that’s fantastic, thanks so much for your responses - between upgrading to beta20, and changing the channel I was listening on to 9 instead of 10, I’m getting a response now from most of the controllers (yet to get a signal from the drum pads but I assume I can get aorund that…).

Thanks once again!

the drumpads use NoteOn, not Controllers…

cheers dieter - yup, I found that out, and used your cool midi sniffer for notes to get a signal. Thanks heaps for them, they’ve been very useful.