Midi clock

Midi clock on vvvv40beta17 is dead :’(

i thought i posted about this one already but i cant find the forum post so will post again. beta16’s midi clock node is fine.

The output sits at:
Measure: 1
Position in measure: 0

It’s a killer when you’ve got patches who’s animations are feeding from the midi clock,

i’ve attached a little patch i made a while back before i started using midi clock. Might be a helpful workaround for anybody who is having the same problem

tap_beat.v4p (18.7 kB)

confirmed, but very strange that something stops to work… i did the node, but i changed nothing… devs??

confirmed, found it out yesterday at a gig… luckily i still had b16 installed.

oh, that is really a shiat… then better stick with beta16 for now…

autsch. mea culpa. fixed for beta>17

yeah not that much of a problem. just had to restart my patch with b16. :-)
luckily i don’t already use features of b17…otherwise that would be a problem coming weekend…
any chance to self-apply this patch (replace a file or whatnot) for people who are not that lucky? ;-)

sory, no. will have to wait for next release.