Midi / behringer bcr2000 rotary and vvvv

hi guys…
i just got the behringer bcr2000 usb midi device.
i had to choose between this one and the evoloution u control.

i just connected it to vvvv but the result is not so great.
out of my 32 knobs i can just address the first row (8 knobs). all the other knobs don’t respond. there are 4 buttons on the device named “encoder groups”. when i switch i.e. from group 1 to group 2 the knobs in the first row become knob 9-18 in the i-spread.

all the other knobs on the board i can not address.
also there are many buttons on the board but i cannot address a single one.

does anyone have this usb device?
pretty unsatisfying result so far.
any idea how to address the rest of the device? buttons and knobs?

so ampop you are happy with the UC-33e ?
slider, buttons and knobs work?

cheers jannis

midi.v4p (1.8 kB)

hi jannis, any button or knob of the bcr2000 is fully configurable. works perfect here… i dont see your difficulties. i experienced some problems with bcf2000 and the behringer editor software, but bcr works fine here.

… and XNDR made a patch for it: UserPageXNDR

i have to agree with tonfilm, same here. every button and knob can be setup. read the manual and don’t just use the presets ;)

muchas gracias guys…
i bought a used one and just fiddled around with all the presets.
after resetting the device back to its original settings it now works fine…