Midi and VST's

I am relatively new to vvvv, but it is what i choose for my studies.
I am planning to use this platform for an audio-visual live performance during which i will be playing instruments and using MIDI devices to play with vst instruments and control parameters of effects, start lopper, switching knobs and so on. For now I dealing with a sound issue and this is how I see my scheme for that.


where is midi contoller 1 - midi keyboard witch i will use for play notes and using it with vst instruments.

On line-in 1 and 2 i will have external sound-producing device or instrument and will be going from sound interface through usb to my computer.

vst generators are vst instruments such as a piano or something else

vst swtch - sort of button for choosing between vst’s to play from fist midi controller.

vst effects - is what it is and I also would like to control settings with knobs and buttons from second midi device.

what am i to learn and read from the Documentation section to make this scheme possible?
Thank you.

go through the patches of vvvv_path\girlpower\Audio in your vvvv download…

Hi blearmoon,

in addition to the audio patches (mentioned by tonfilm), we will soon add some extensive examples on how to deal with midi. Please give us some more time.


Thanks for quick response, i look through Audio folder and it is answers many questions for me. Still, i could yet figure out at least one simple patch which be implement “midi device - vst instrument - audio out” scheme. I also download MidiNotePlayed (Devices) patch, yet, I was not able to connect any nodes outs to vst input, what do I am doing wrong?

Hello blearmoon,

please check this patch:

14_Generating_Sound_VST_Synth1.v4p (21.8 kB)