Midi and osc to remote control a behringer x32 mixer


I wrote a simple vvvv patch to remote-control an audiomixer: simple programchange on midi-channel 1.

Now i would like to realize the same with osc, but i have no idea, how to implement it in vvvv to control the behringer x32.

I think it would be a simple patch. Anybody already realized it?

Thanks for helping me!

There is the protocol here: http://www.behringer.com/assets/X32_OSC_Remote_Protocol.pdf , then you should be able to combine this with OSCEncoder (Network) to control the X32

@sunep: thx for your reply. but i checked behringers pdf already, and the function for changing a scene is not documented.

and my secound problem is, that if i know the command, i couldn’t implement it in vvvv, because my vvvv and osc know-how is too low. in other words, i am a vvvv rookie.

try to make a OSCEncoder (Network) and press F1 to get to the help patch of the node and see if that helps you out.

I dont know that mixer, but a few things you could do:

ASK on THEIR forum for the OSC command to change a scene!!
Check if their are other Tools that do what you want to do, and than use a OSC sniffer to know the proper commands.

For your vvvv problem, check some OSC examples in the contibution, for other software, and see how they did it, resolume-avenue-3 for example.

OK. I’ll try it. But if someone have a finished patch, please let me know. Thanks guys!

what i found out:

the command is:

/-action/goscene with the scene index as integer parameter (0 based)

but i have no experience, how to implement it in vvvv