MiddleClick on Quad creates HSV instead of HSL

not sure of this is wrong or meant to be.
the changelog advertises a HSL node creation on middleclick on a color pin. just tried a quad and a HSV color join node appears

fixed the changelog entry. thanks.

Is there any way to influence that choice of nodes? For example by introducing a new input pin to QuickNodes (VVVV). Someone might prefer RGB (Color Join) or * (Color) or whatever.

i’m wondering about the HSV choice. why not HSL ? is HSV better or commonly used ?

i guess the whole middleclick feature could get easily a matter of taste unless its editable like björn proposed. another setting for root ?

but what happens on transform pins, 2D or 3D or nothing ? i’m confident that master joreg will come up with something clever. i get stuck thinking about it.

I am +1 for HSV over HSL or RGB in case it will be static.
HSV is in my eyes the most intuitive and fast way of working with colors, only very rarely I use RGB and never HSL… but again that is somewhat subjective.

hsv for me.

hm, i mostly use HSL …

hsl it is :) haha, what a mess

so, bjoerns suggestion might be a universal solution

the choice for hsv was so that this is consistent with the right-click coloreditor on an input we are all familiar with.

a configurable option would of course be universal. but as always with such gimmicks, finding the most convenient defaults is what will make them shine.

@u7: what mess?

mess in terms of ppl have random color join favourites. hard to find a community default
i dont mind using hsv though if patching gets faster

we say “im going to add some color” and not “im going to remove some lightness to get some color” so im also for HSV