Metadata file cannot be opened

Hi vvvvers,

it re-generate my interest into vvvv because of dynamic plugin. I have problem recently of dropping dll in reference explorer(ctr+J).
it gives me “metadata file lib.dll cannot be opened – an attempt has been made on incorrect format”

I compile this dll in win32 release mode from VC10 express. it is C++ native code. does dll have to be C# coded to be imported to code editor?

Many thanks


yes, you need a .NET dll to be able to add it as a reference. if you have native win32 dlls you have to create a wrapper. but i think there are some tools which do that for you… just google a bit…

Thanks tonfilm.

the best wrapper solution I can find is Swig

normally it builds into two ddl. one is NET ddl which depends on native ddl. I have no problem coding in code editor with wrapper class. but when I evaluate, TTY tells me dependent native dll cannot be found. I put it almost everywhere, current dir, windows dir etc.

I cannot drop native ddl in reference as it will cause compilation error


did you try /bin/Dynamic?

Hi Elias,
Yes I tried almost everywhere I can think of. I have no problem running demo program using VS10.

I also notice. when I change to another computer, I can find net dll but not native dll. in my current computer, not even net dll. I thought it is dependency issue so I used dependency walker. there is only unharmful warning msg

any idea?


Hi all,

Finally i get it works after I put dll under bin/managed in vvvv root.

thanks all


ai arch,

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