Has anyone been able to use a collada file exported from Meshlab?

I’ll answer my own question then. the meshlab collada output does not seem to be compatible with the collada file importer in vvvv however if you use a lovely little program called openCTM viewer and convert/ save to a collada file it will import into vvvv and render.
Now I’m having great difficulty figuring out how to texture the mesh and view it properly. I’m using the soft image camera and i can see something that resembles my model but it needs improvement.
Can anyone tell me what i am missing in my patch to be able to see the model?

first patch.v4p (3.9 kB)

hi funk
cubewithhole.dae is missing
zip it together for upload

Hi Dimix
Thanks for looking and the tip on how to upload the model. (2.6 kB)

your .dae doesn’t work
try (53.7 kB)

I think the DAE file does work ( I was able to see the hole ) but the camera position is somehow inside the model and i can’t figure out how to change my model or the camera position to another perspective. I’ve tried tweaking all of the camera’s variables in the inspektor but I’m not having much luck.
Do you know of any documentation describing how to set up the model and or camera?

select the node you have question, press F1 for help file, or you can get it via main menu as well.

been debugging some colladas anyway so had a quick look at it:

  • Export scale to large- to see the mesh scale it down to 0.0003 or something silly like that
  • you might also want to fix up the axis
  • there are no normals from this mesh being imported