Mesh size

Hi there!
I have a bunch of mesh (ok ok a spread), and I wanna change the dimension (size) of all of them.

If I just use a transform node, the size increments, but all move away from the center of the renderer windows.

Must I obtain the center for each mesh and apply one transformation for each? or there is a simplest solution?

I’m not shure, but You Can try with a *(transform)


i assume you have a mesh with >1 subsets; all of them subsets are not centered to 0;0;0.

difficult to obtain a general solution for that.
maybe BoundingBox (EX9.Geometry Mesh) is helpful for you.

don’t hesitate to ask for more precise help (if you provide more precise questions) :)

If its spreaded with a transform node, you could add a scale after the other transform nodes

Hey thaks! I’ll use the BoundingBox for sure in the future!
Now luckly all my mesh was in the Z=0 plane, so yesterday night I resolved with this trick:

I still had the vectors spread, so I just multiply the diagonal of each mesh for the 1.0700 factor.
Perhaps this works well only for square-shaped mesh…

BTW, how can I avoid the distorsion when I apply a texture on a mesh not really square-shaped?
The only solution I can think is to divide the mesh in lots of sub-mesh and distribuite the texture on them…


ai luper,

yes the tex-transformation issue should be gone if you increase the resolution of the mesh.

and please consider starting a new topic when talking about a problem not related to the threads topic.

ok thanks!
I’ll do it

you need to reassign uv, you have two ways
or use drawfixed / adress combo or this wounderfull module from kalle but not sure will work on spread