Mesh(s) Texture(s)

Hi there everybody!

I have some meshs, and I whant to put a different texture on each.
I tryed with a spread of textures (using Cons node) but only last texture were applied on every mesh.

I cannot use many DrawFixed, because I don’t know before how many mesh I have…
any idea?


as soon as you are using Mesh join, you have only one big mesh. but you can achieve the same result with a quad that you transform multiple times. no need for the mesh operations. then you can also assign a spread of textures and each quad will have its own.

look a some transform nodes like Transform (Transform 2d), Shear (Transform), Homography (Transform 2d), …

Thanks! I have all the vertexs, all of them stay on z=0 plane (so 2D)
do you think that with the Homography node I can achieve some Quads with the same shape of the mesh? I’ll try!

it works! thank