Mesh: rectangular cross section torus


how can I build a mesh like a torus, but with rectangular cross-section? (after that I will deform it with sound, but that should be easier, I hope)

thank you very much!

Gave it a go, if you’re good at math, I might have a starting point.

The rectangular upright cross-section can be achieved by rotating the 4 vertices that make the rectangle. For a Torus that is a rectangular frame I’d do it like so:

Just food for thought ;) Because the rotation happens around the Torus’ origin, it all turned into an annoying puzzle when I tried to figure out a way to have this done automatically when the Torus s a ring…

Thank you purf,

it seems like starting from torus doesn’t take me anywhere. Maybe it would be better to start with a grid arranged in a flat ring (not that I know how at the moment!) and then “extrude” it in a 3d mesh? What do you think?