Mesh live drawing and editing

Hello, i m slowly migrating to gamma, with the great winter courses.
I have a project i want to work on while learning gamma.

As some of you know, i m using in beta the DOPE module to create my live animations.

My goal is to draw in live a mesh, in a painting manner
Then choose to transform the drawing in a mesh when i decide its ok
Then select on the fly with mouse the points to move manually to obtain my animation and store their positions.

Ideally, i would like to draw live this mesh as a filled silhouette, that i can transform in mesh.

Have you got any suggestions ?
I see at my low level 2 approachs:
1-classic drawing mask technique + contour
2-drawing directly a mesh from the outside points drawn with polygons

What are your suggestions ?

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Week 03 - Afterwork PROJECT OpenCV Contour Image.vl (67.5 KB)
Using OpenCV i can output points. Now i m wondering how to create a triangle mesh … pwiou pwiou…