Mesh lights shadows?


this post might belong in the shader section, but anyhow …

im just messing around with a mesh from an xfile.
its just two cubes standing next to eachother.
my light is rotating around them.
the light is hitting the planes of the cubes and its looks good, but the first cube is not is not dropping any shadow on the second??

is there any solution or better, where is the problem
is it a shader problem

thanks for help

No, there is no shadowing capability inside DirectX. You have to trick around with shader and shadow texturing.
Check this out

@tonfilm also patched a module for shadows on planes.

if you need shadowing within one object / one x-file you’d have to go for shadercoding. there are some papers and code snippets around. ‘self-shadowing’ or ‘self-occlusion’ should lead you there. doesn’t seems like the easiest thing to code though…