Mesh from buffers

is there a node for building a mesh from buffers ?
similar to IndexGeometryBuffer

Hmm… I’m not sure
witch type of mesh you want to build, and what’s in the buffers?

want to build basic/random meshes
from whatever buffers are required, like pos, normal, uv, indices probably

Well this should be possible, i think in dx11’s a Buffer Raw is specially for that…
Uff, i found that example… You can check raw indexed from here link

Doub’t it would do any good tho…

will look at it

plan was to be able to edit with simpleoperation at vertex level

and create normals while at it

btw is it possible to get indices out of dx11 geometry ? maybe as a buffer also ?

The problem there, that’s shader dosn’t really know anything about indices…
You can think about index is an GetSlice Index in this case, so yor geometry get’s processed before shader, and shader recive’s just a list of points already ordered…
I doub’t thats exactly how it is hapenning but i never had a chance to get index after…
Moreover if you read geometry with readback you will have alot of repeating points…

If you want geometry to be dynamic, regular recipe would be:
Do a Null Draw, pass indices to Geometry shader and draw triangle with normals in GS…

i see in the dx11 pipeline chart what you mean re vertexshader, can fast operations be done there then ?
i mean, we should be able to model procedural meshes somehow, right ?

Dynamic (3.3 KB)

Vertex Shader doesn’t really make sense, it has access only to vertex, GS can access triangle

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