Merging two values onto one pin

Hi everyone,
Recently I have been trying to wire up my patch for MIDI control, but I still want to be able to control it with IOBoxes if I don’t have the controller attached. To do this it seems as though I need a way to merge two input values and send only the most recently changed to the output. Essentially sending two values to one pin.

I’ve done up a little patch that does what I want, but I can’t help but feel there’s a better/more elegant way, or I’m missing some node that does exactly what I want. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also I was wondering if there is a way to have an IOBox act as both a display and a interactive element at the same time, e.g. have it display the value of a MIDI Input, but when you right click on it it would let you change the value.

I hope this makes sense.

Merge (Value).v4p (6.4 kB)

that’s a cool idea!

i found a way to make it work with fewer nodes.

Merge (Value).v4p (4.9 kB)

I don´t know if this is more elegant, at least it uses fewer nodes.


Merge (Value).v4p (4.7 kB)

damned :)

a “spreadsafe” version…

Merge (Value).v4p (6.3 kB)

ive done a module a while a go for exactly the same reason. it has also some features to handle the valuejumps between input1 and input2.

check out:

and the winner is: … ;)

Could it be me, or are both methods limited to only 2 pairs of values/spreads (cozz off that switch). Easy solved by addeding a MultiFlipFlop. Great use off the Or (Boolean spectral) node there!!

MergeMulti (Value) .v4p (10.3 kB)

Wow, great response! Thanks to everyone for contributing!

I think for the moment I’m going to use gregsn/bjoern’s method, just because they use the least CPU (and I’m going to be needing a bunch of them)

Now as for my second question, has anyone come up with any neat tricks for controlling and displaying values at the same time? everything I have come up with needs two IOBoxes, one to control a value and the other to display it.

i think thats not really possible with vvvvs own ioboxes. (there is a patch (i think its joregs) that is able to set io boxes via the xml stuff. its usable for selecting presets but its not fast enough if you like to send permanent valuechanges.

i think at the monet its only possible with patched gui modules. sanchs modules are able to set them from another source than the mouse. of course theire timecomsuming to. but maybe theire faster than the built in io boxes. ive experienced a noticable slowdown with lots of ioboxes (spreaded and with slider and stuff)

would be really cool if the built in io boxes can be setable from outside… without loosing the control by mouse… and an option to define what happens when values arives both from the mouse and the external input!

the module you are talking about is the so called keymaker
It is true, the only way to set IOBoxes from outside is to use SetPatch (VVVV) .

To set values with it, you need the current id of the ioboxes you want to set. those id can be grapped with GetPatch (VVVV) in combination withXPath (XML)

ah, let me spam this old thread:

LTP (Spreads).v4p (see kalle.Modules.Spreads ) may be from interest here.

“LTP” means “Last Takes Precendence” and is a known term for Light Control Desks

the last changed input slice modifies the output spread.
internal resampling allows to connect spreads with different spreadcounts.