Mental map vs. real-world map (or multipoint 2D interpolation)

hi guys,

longtime not posted anything :)

i am working at the moment on a project which deals with mental maps of people of a specific area in london … the idea is to let people draw very personal mental maps of their area and correlate/match/distort them in a second step with with the real-world maps. ideally the more points are mapped from the mental map to the real-word map the better - in terms of accuracy - this new map is going to be. mapping of these point is of course handwork.

unfortunately i am struggle at the moment a bit to patch that :)

it seems there are a lot of possibilities to deal with distortion/mapping of 4 point e.g. homographic (but how to deal with more) and i also had a look at tonfilms interpolation nodes in this old thread … but still this is not really what i have in mind.

has anyone of you a few directions where to go further?

many thanks benedikt

ai bene,

just a wild guess: WarpPoint (2d) by @u7angel