Memory leak

Hello guys,

I made a file selection system for my clonemixer and after playing 6 hours at a gig without any problem, I noticed that the memory vvvv was using grown massively (as I used it 6 hours).

You will find attached the file selection patch and the simple GUI I use. The idea is to select file but based on tags and not directly by their name.

For now I use four different tags family and once I select a tag (on top of the stack), the system remove from the list every tags that are not shared.

You can try by using “up” and “down” bang to move from a column to another and click “insert/remove”, it is pretty straight forward to understand.

But, there is something wrong somewhere, as memory keep growing everytime I select/remove a tags and I don’t know where to look at precisely, I think it might be the framedelay or the sift node but maybe you can tell me more while testing, my approach might be wrong as well.

let me know, thank you (1.0 MB)

as you are using the vvvv gui elements, every action is stored into the undo history. it might be possible that you think that is the memory leak. you can use the node Undo (VVVV) to disable it and see if your memory is still growing.

Hi tonfilm and thanks for the answer.

Before I was using a GUI on the renderer, I had the same problem, I turned into vvvv elements only because the text nodes is just to heavy…

I tried to put the undo node with enabled pin on 0. But the more I play with the selector, the more it keeps growing.

I also noticed that if I switch patches using the create nodes, and this is how clonemixer works, memory grows a bit but doesn’t go down. For now, it doesn’t make anything crash.

Maybe you know if there is something to be careful with while using createnode as well ?

Using create node adds to the undo history, so the undo do node should help…
I’ve started to use the evaluate pin rather than switching patches, means no glitching when switching that way…

@catweasel, what parameters you use for the undo node ?

I know what you mean with the glitch while switching but the system I made avoid it as you can see on some of my demo. Key is to switch super small patch basically.

Thanks for the answer.